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A single track mineral line was completed in 1855 from Elliot junction on the Arbroath/Dundee line, to Redford, Carmyllie with halts at Bankhead of Arbirlot, Cuthlie and Denhead.

The main purpose of the railway was to transport a rising demand for paving stone from Carmyllie quarries to towns and cities and overseas. Such commodities as coal, fertiliser, cattle feeding and livestock were delivered on the upward journey then wagons were shunted to the Slade quarries, to be loaded with paving stone to be returned to Elliot junction.

The Carmyllie passenger line (reconstructed for the occasion) which opened in 1900, was the first light railway to allow passengers after the Light Railway Act in 1898.

However the demand was low throughout, finally closing in 1929 when bus transport was more convenient.

Although the demand for stone declined, the goods trains continued to serve the needs of the agricultural community until the 1950s but latterly only transporting potatoes after the harvest. The line closed in 1965.